Community Supply is Open for Everyone

  • Instead of buyers joining all Viber groups they can simply search in Community Supply.

  • Our mission is to support hundreds of Viber communities for buyers.

  • Community Supply will always be free from advertisements and open to everyone.

How we help buyers?

  • We can only capture text, please add text rather than just posting images on Viber.

  • Do not forget to include your cell phone numbers on your text post

  • Make your post at least 100 characters in length.

  • Post on any of the Viber groups below and it will be added in the next 24 hours

Guide to sellers

Guide for Community Admin

Add text and phone numbers

Don't let a good post go to waste. Inform sellers to add text because it helps buyers in their future search.

Add product keywords

Inform sellers to add keywords in their text descriptions. 85% of buyers don't type brands they type keywords.

Keep improving by organizing

Discourage spamming and copy&paste posts. Encourage sellers to improve by separating different products on different posts.

Our Identity

Community supply's mission is to rebuild our country's disrupted supply chain through data, technology, community, and volunteers.

  • ​Our data source is from Viber communities

  • Our data is encoded and organized by volunteers

All tech costs and developments are funded by Texxen solutions. They keep the project afloat and the lights working. 💡😅


  • We are not associated in any way whatsoever with the Viber communities listed. 

  • We encode and organize Viber posts so that the information may help solve some supply chain issues.

  • We do not alter any of the posts listed from Viber and we strongly advise buyers to always be cautious when transacting online. 

Major suppliers, volunteers and ideas are all welcome.
Please message us we'd love to work with you.


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